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360˚ Immersive Virtual Reality

We bring forensic cases to you.

A set of hardware and software tools designed and built to revolutionise case presentation, crime scene reproduction and reenactment using 360° immersive Virtual Reality.

Evidence review and inspection in loco

EDEN Reviewer assists attorneys to prepare for trial and craft a case, by allowing them to quickly and easily revisit the scene of a crime to review evidence. It also facilitates inspections in loco without leaving the courtroom.

How Eden Forensics works

Schindlers Eden Forensics VR 4 C2

Eden Reviewer

The world’s first handheld VR device, specifically designed to simplify 360° VR viewing.

Simply pick up the VR headset using the patented EDEN grip, and the selected crime scene content automatically starts playing in the headset.

When returned to the cradle, the headset automatically begins charging wirelessly, for uninterrupted use.

Schindlers Eden Forensics VR 4 C1

Eden Station

Easily control what is shown in the headset through the touchscreen interface.

Manage and showcase as many evidence photos and videos required. Both systems are totally self-sustaining, maintenance free and include: 

  • Built-in wireless charging
  • WiFi, LAN and 4G connectivity
  • Automatic setup
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Analytics and Reporting
Schindlers Eden Forensics VR B1


Responders capture the crime scene utilising either 360° photography, photogrammetry, Lidar scanning or a combination of the three.

Schindlers Eden Forensics VR B3


At EDEN, photo captures are prepared, and machine learning generates 3D models of the crime scene, from which all recreations are built.

Schindlers Eden Forensics VR B4


Scenes and recreations are securely and remotely uploaded to EDEN Stations to allow easy viewing of visual evidence from a law firm or courtroom.

Endless Benefits

Easily revisit 360˚ photos and videos of a crime scene in its original preserved state, in your office or a courtroom.

Experience virtual crime scene and incident walkthroughs from the perspective of a victim, accused, or witness.

Replace time-consuming and often dangerous inspections in loco, with virtual video & photographic inspections in the courtroom.

Limit the possibilities of misinterpretation with 360˚ visuals that show the entire scene from a real-world perspective.

Presentation in court ​​

EDEN Reviewer is the simplest way for advocates to present and judges to view 360° crime scenes with no VR training, instruction or cumbersome hardware needed.

Only possible with the P.O.W.E.R of Virtual Reality

Perspective Of Witnesses, Experiences and Reconstructions

Unprecedented immersive 360° views of a crime scene with no training, instruction or cumbersome hardware needed.

Scaled Forensics VR Power

Scaled Forensics

Inspect objects, defects and evidence at any size the VR reduces you to the size of the object you wish to inspect.

Product Defect VR Power

Product Defect

Recreation of defective product instances that give rise to supplier, seller, or manufacturer liability in design, manufacturing and marketing defects.

Event Recreations VR Power

Event Recreations

Recreation of events give the viewer a powerful, first-person perspective from the the victim, accused or witness.

Crime Scenes VR Power

Crime Scenes

360˚ images quickly and easily transport viewers to the scene. Displayed in high resolution detail and scale accuracy.

Walkthroughs VR Power


Photospheres and 360˚ VR video allow for walkthroughs of the crime scene and surrounding areas.

Ballistics VR Power NEW


Showcase trajectory, motion and effects of ballistic impact with accurate measurement details, all within the 360˚ VR environment.

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