Forensic Accounting



Our team has been engaged in the forensic accounting sector for many years, performing analysis of accounting and financial information in order to assist to determine, summarise and report on the key financial aspects of forensic matters.


  • Analysing and summarising bank statements and accounting records;
  • Interrogating financial information to reveal and report on the flow of funds and identify irregular or abnormal transactions and patterns of transactions;
  • Scrutinising accounting records including annual financial statements for apparent irregularities and conducting subsequent investigations;
  • Quantification of the amount of financial loss or theft an entity or person has suffered;
  • Creating statistically sound financial models to illustrate multiple scenarios as well as statistically sound inferences that can be drawn in instances where only a portion of the relevant data is available;
  • Creating financial models that are aligned to the facts of the matter to more easily convey the financial legal position in a matter in order to effectively convey the position to an arbitrator or judge;
  • Acting as an accounting expert in relation to compliance with, or deviation from the terms of shareholders agreements, memoranda of incorporation, sale agreements, subscription agreements and other commercial contractual arrangements.
  • Acting as experts in relation to the fulfilment or otherwise of the duties of a director, manager, auditor or independent reviewer;
  • Testifying in hearings or court cases as an expert witness.





Chris Sinclair has extensive knowledge and experience and has been performing forensic accounting since 1994. He was the CEO of an information technology group comprising of 25 companies with over 1 000 employees.

Chris started Agility in 2005 and has built up an impressive portfolio of high-net-worth clients and companies in various industries such as short-term insurance, construction, mining, auditing, property management, aviation, information technology, investment and asset management, banking and the data centre industry.

His years of working in various industries and projects give him a formidable reputation on which Agility strives in delivering always and on time.


Our team ranges from senior principal forensic consultants through to junior consultants. 

Our senior consultants possess knowledge in financial data analysis, financial accounting, financial reporting, modelling, taxation structuring and compliance, exchange control, reporting, IFRS, auditing standards, and restructuring and reorganisation transactions.  Our junior consultants are utilised to deliver cost effective data capture, acquisition and analysis functions. 

We dynamically deploy a tailored team for each engagement to meet the skill requirements of the task and to deliver a cost effective and rapid turnaround.

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Our advisory services comprise of two core competencies being taxation planning and transaction facilitation advice.

Taxation planning focuses on planning local and international approaches to optimising compliance with various tax regimes, as well as the effective taxation rate paid.

Our transaction facilitation function comprises of due diligence and valuation services. Through our transaction advisory services we assist our clients with the following:

    • Structuring of primary transaction terms;
    • Use of most appropriate entities;
    • Negotiation support;
    • Drafting and review of heads of agreement;
    • Determining optimal funding structures; and
    • Restructuring of balance sheets.


Our specialised accounting services comprise of the following functions:

    • Accounts construction and reconstruction; 
    • Consolidations;
    • Financial reporting services;
    • Annual financial statement preparation;
    • Outsourced CFO services;
    • Audit facilitation services; and
    • Financially oriented legal support services.

The following are the steps for financial emigration

  • Collation of all relevant information as set out below that is required for the MP336(b) form.
  • Submission of a MP336(b) form which discloses:
    • All local investments, listed and unlisted;
    • Fixed property;
    • Insurance policies, retirement annuities, endowment policy, life policy etc.;
    • Debtors (including loan accounts in trusts and private companies);
    • Interest in Trusts;
    • Other assets;
    • All bank accounts;
    • Items to be exported (Household, jewellery, motor vehicle, other);
    • Declarations of gifts, donations, cash in excess of R100 000;
    • Declarations of capital distributions;
    • Declarations of capital transfers through any Authorised Dealer;
    • Liabilities (Local. Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland).

  • Once we have your MP336(b) form ready with all supporting documents we submit it on your behalf to the relevant Authorised Dealer.
  • The Authorised Dealer reviews the form with supporting documentation. Upon successful review the Authorised Dealer stamps it. Turnaround time is usually 5 – 10 days.
  • The stamped MP336(b) form is used to apply for a tax clearance certificate with SARS (South African Revenue Services).

    • A Tax clearance can be obtained if ALL applicable submissions are filed;
    • All taxes need to be paid up to date;
    • We submit the stamped MP336 form to SARS with all relevant supporting documents;
    • Turnaround time is usually 4-8 weeks.

  • We then submit the tax clearance to the Authorised Dealer together with the completed MP336(b) form and related documents. The Authorised Dealer then lodges the emigration application with SARB (South African Reserve Bank).

We provide our clients with regular and reliable monthly accounting and reporting services.

Our team takes pride in building relationships with our clients and we keep our clients updated on the status of their accounts and on current and upcoming legislation and regulatory requirements. We enable the client to select which of the regular accounting and reporting services they require.

The client receives relevant, accurate and timeous information for decision making. We also remove the burden of having to remember deadlines, statutory filing dates and tax submission dates to enable our clients to focus on their strategic business objectives and functions.

We design and tailor a calendar based timeline to the client’s needs. This timeline is then referenced on an ongoing basis to inform our clients in advance of deadlines and alerts, ensuring our clients do not spend unnecessary time on checking when deadlines must be met.

The suite of available services includes the following:

  • Capturing of transactions from bank statements for the month;
  • Processing of the month’s accounting transactions to generate the trial balance;
  • Preparing VAT calculations and handling VAT submissions;
  • Preparing Management Accounts in the required format;
  • Performing monthly reconciliations of bank accounts, supplier/customer accounts, VAT control account and intercompany balances;
  • Submitting CIPC annual returns;
  • Submitting of income tax returns;
  • Providing for tax / Performing provisional tax calculations and submission thereof;
  • Preparing and submitting PAYE;
  • Preparing and submitting annual and bi-annual EMP501 returns;
  • Calculating and processing accruals;
  • Calculating and processing depreciation entries;
  • Maintaining the fixed asset register;
  • Tracking of deadlines and due dates utilising the status tracker
  • Preparing budgets;
  • Preparing cash flow forecasts;
  • Pre-audit support to simplify and reduce the cost of the audit;
  • Preparation of annual financial statements.

As we go about the monthly procedures we look for opportunities to unlock financial benefits for the client. We also report on any apparent trends, risks or threats that we detect in the client’s business. We support our clients in growing their business, and we have the skills and knowledge to help our clients reach their business objectives. 

Our work does not stop at accounting functions and we offer specialised services in relation to transaction support, valuations, taxation planning and the like.

We perform the write-up of books and records, including the construction of chart of accounts, reconstruction of accounting records, balancing of intercompany balances and completion of consolidations, in instances where accounts processing has fallen behind or been lost or destroyed.

We assist with reviews of accounting policies and advise on reporting and technical accounting. We are able to assist with the accounting for complex transactions and provide technical accounting and tax opinions. Where estimation and areas of accounting judgment exists, we are able to provide the necessary guidance and documentation to support these assertions. We have experience in drafting annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS, UK GAAP and US GAAP.

In addition, we regularly oversee the accounting function on an on-going monthly or quarterly basis, ensuring that month-end procedures, cut-off, provisioning, and related party transactions have been properly accounted for, prior to reporting.

In conjunction with the above, we have competence in accounting processes and controls. We focus on the design, implementation and review of financial controls, policies and procedures.

Processes are closely linked with controls. We assist with a review of processes to ensure that controls such as authorisation, documentation, evidence of segregation of duties and automated systems of internal controls are operating as intended on an ongoing basis. We perform risk based adequacy and effectiveness control reviews for both manual and system controls and provide status reports and improvement recommendations.

Where significant changes in business processes have occurred we can assist in determining the potential impact of the changes in terms of both inherent and control risks and design new control procedures to suit the new processes.

Through our legal support service, we have significant experience and knowledge in fraud detection and prevention. Leveraging off this, we are able to assist you in identifying which areas are more susceptible to misstatement as a result of fraud or misappropriation. These include accounts that are more complex, involve estimates and require journal entry adjustments. For these accounts we can perform a review of processes and controls governing such accounts and provide recommendations as to management practices to mitigate these risks.

Beyond the books of accounts and its controls our experienced accountants are able to assist our clients with the preparation of budgets and forecasts, business modelling, scenario planning and cost containment programmes. We have skills in restructuring of balance sheets. Our registered tax practitioners can assist with the provisional and company tax computations and supporting tax schedules and reconciliations.

Our outsourced CFO and financial reporting services operate either on an outsourced or assignment basis. We are able to deliver the key functions of the office of the finance director, which includes the delivery of the monthly strategic finance cycle (planning, budgeting, reporting & forecasting), the maintenance of financial controls, systems and fiscal discipline.

We are able to support, perform and oversee the on-going month end process and management accounting and reporting function. These include design and preparation of monthly accounts and reporting packs for companies and groups, including specific shareholder reporting requirements.

We can prepare annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements as well as regular management accounts and performance reports. Whether implementing, migrating or upgrading the accounting system, enterprise performance reporting or ERP systems, we can support your company from an accounting, project execution or independent advisor capacity.

In assisting with the audit, we can support the finance function by liaising with the auditors during audit planning and execution to reduce the amount of time that the finance team needs to be engaged with the auditors.

As part of the audit preparation process we assist clients by working through the management letter from the prior year and following up on management assertions and internal control action items.

By working through the management letter and reviewing prior year adjustments, we can assist our clients to understand the auditors’ reasoning and principles upon which adjustments were requested, and advise on execution of current year adjustments.

This ensures these areas of judgment are dealt with ahead of the rush on concluding and signing off the year end audit and accounts.



We have a wide variety of consulting expertise in various industries. Our Consultants are members of SAIT (South African Institution of Tax Practitioners), SAICA (South African Institution of Charter Accountants) and ACCA, (Association of Certified Charter Accountants) and are registered as general tax practitioners of SARS.